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Cinque Terre Tour

With our boat "GIROMAR", a typical Ligurian "gozzo", we offer you a tour of the 5 Terre with the fascinating panorama of the villages seen from the sea and the beauty of the "Protected Marine Reserve" of the National Park.

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We will leave from the small port of Manarola and I will let you take spectacular photos of the village that can only be taken from the boat and from some points that I know and which allow you to get a particular shot.
We will then reach the town of Riomaggiore where we will see the characteristic marina and the beautiful colorful houses. we will then go to see Corniglia, which is the only town in the 5 Terre that is not near the sea but nestled on top of the hill.
Afterwards we will arrive in Vernazza, where you can admire the church located directly on the beach and the characteristic marina and then we will sail to Monterosso where you will see the only beaches of the 5 Terre, the convent of the Franciscan Friars and the area of "Punta Mesco" where it was created one of the two integral marine reserve areas.

During navigation we will also be able to visit some small sea caves, accessible only by swimming.
If we are lucky we might see dolphins that sometimes approach the coast.
On sunny days you can also go sailing with the sunset which makes the villages even more fascinating.

What you will find

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water, wine, beer


“GIROMAR” typical Ligurian boat (gozzo) of 7.0 m with shower and ladder after swimming


In case of bad weather or rough seas the tour will have to be canceled and, if possible, I will offer you another date or you will receive a refund. Write to me before booking and I will inform you of the weather forecast and sea conditions.
Residents have a National Park permit that allows them to reach by boat the edge of the two areas of the Cinque Terre "Marine Protected Area", where there is a variety of fish and marine life and where you can swim in a sea uncontaminated respecting nature.
I will show you some special fishing spots, used by old fishermen who also taught me the names of the places in the local dialect.

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The structure has obtained the MQA 2.0 - CETS phase II (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism) certification assigned by the Europarc Federation,
thus ensuring its commitment to promoting sustainable tourism compatible with the needs of protecting biodiversity in protected areas.